This is the preliminary conference programme, which might be still subject to changes. There will be 20 minutes per presentation (15′ talk + 5 ‘ discussion).

THURSDAY 21st October 2021

14:00                     Welcome

14:15 – 15:45      Session 1 (Databases and Statistics) (chair: A. Hein)

M. Katsianis and D. Tsiafaki

Open Science approaches to archaeological digital production

C. Bouras, L. Mulot, A. Perrier, J. Bennet and M. Loy

Chronique des fouilles en ligne / Archaeology in Greece Online in the era of archaeological Big Data

E. Nikita and P. Nikitas

Measures of population divergence for binary data: limitations and improvements via simulations

P. Hadjittofi, Ch. Paraskeva, E. Rizopoulou-Egoumenidou and A. Vionis

Rural Economy and Society in Early Modern Cyprus (RURAL-CY): An Introduction to Project Objectives and Technological Infrastructures

16:00 – 17:00      Session 2  (Databases and Statistics (chair: A. Angourakis)

V. Sevetlidis, C. Kiourt, C. Tzouvara, G. Tastzoglou and G. Pavlidis

Augmenting existing food image datasets with Greek dishes

A. Hein

Categorization of archaeological ceramics based on their elemental composition using self organizing maps (SOM)

G. Kioselaki, K. Prevezanou, P. Konstantinidis, E. Tsoutsoumanos(2), G. S. Polymeris, V. Pagonis and G. Kitis

Fitting of stimulated luminescence dose response curves using the Lambert-W function; implementation with Python

17:05 – 17:45       Session 3 (Evaluation and Modeling of socio-ecological systems)

K. Efkleidou

Exploring territoriality during the Second Venetian period in the Peloponnese

H. Bartlet Balicki

Considering social network analysis: A Black Sea case study investigating trade dynamics in the ancient Greek world.

FRIDAY 22nd October 2021

10:30 – 12:00      Session 4 (3D Modeling (chair: t.b.a.)

S. Ligkovanlis, A. Aidonis, N. Galanidou and C. Papageorgopoulou

Exploring Neanderthal handedness. The contribution of digital applications

V. Valantou, V. V. Panagiotidis and N. Zacharias

Sherds in the box: Bringing life back to ancient ceramic fragments

D. Makris, S. Chlouveraki and S. Akpek

Using digital approaches to reveal the historical states of portable mosaic icon

C. Kontopoulos, V. Charalampopoulou, K. Fotiou, K. Sporn and S. Biernath

LiDAR and RGB airborne orthophotos coverage and visualization and automatic recognition of archeological findings in Kephissos /Phokis and Aigeria

12:15 – 13:30      Session 5 (Multimedia and virtual reality) (chair: G. Pavlidis)

A. Politopoulos, A.A.A. Mol and S. Lammes

The Past-at-Play Lab: Research in and as Play

M. Averkiou, G. Artopoulos, E. Kalogerakis, G. Patow, M. Igarievna Maslioukova, M. Deligiorgi and Y. Chrysanthou

ANNFASS: A Neural Network Framework for understanding historical monuments Architectural Structure and Style.

P. Polymeropoulou, A. Kameas, I. Papadatos, A. Kalara, F. Sogliani, D. Roubis ,  P.Tóth and J. Malíšková

Digital applications in archaeological education and excavation training: the case of project DELTA

S. C. A. Thomopoulos, P. Tsimpiridis, E.-I. Theodorou, C. Maroglou, E. Georgiou and C. Christopoulou

COSMOS. Cultural Osmosis – Mythology & Art


14:30 – 16:00      Session 6 (GIS and Prospection Methods) (chair: Y. Papadatos)

K. Efkleidou, M. Karantoni, S. Triantaphyllou and S. Andreou


A.  Agapiou

Satellite Remote Sensing and Heritage applications 2010-2020: A Decade of Change

E. Farinetti and C. Piccoli

Reconstructing a past built environment: from low altitude aerial images to the application of a rule-based modelling approach for the archaeological visualization of the city-scape of ancient Haliartos

T. Valchev and and A. Sobotkova

Archaeological map of the Bolyarovo municipality, Bulgaria

16:15 – 17:45      Session 7 (GIS and Prospection Methods)   (chair: A. Agapiou)

A. Chroni and A. Georgopoulos

GIS and 3D digital modelling for tracing and figuring out urban cultural components: Ioannina city

Michael Teichmann

Roman Settlement Patterns and the Distribution of Luxury Indicators in Roman Central Italy

J. C. Donati, N. Argyriou, E. Alevizos, A. Chliaoutakis, T. Kalaycı and A. Sarris

The CORONA Digital Atlas of Greece:  A New Open-Access Platform for Assessing Historical Landscapes

M. Manataki, A. Vaifidis, A. Sarris and N. Papadopoulos

Training AlexNet to classify Ground Penetrating Radar images featuring buried structures

18:00 – 19:00                      Open Discussion   

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